About POC Essentials

At POC Essentials, we have two objectives. First, is the promotion of leading practices on how to execute a world-class Proof of Concept. Second, curate content to advance the art & science of being a world-class sales engineer (presales) professional. At POC Essentials, we want to enrich the presales/sales engineering global community by providing ready access to content, people and technology. We believe strongly in collaborating with other publications, platforms and networks to bring our professional community together.

Our Mission

At POC Essentials, our mission is to: “curate leading presales (sales engineering) best practices” A world-class sales engineer is one who consistently wants to learn. This constant need to define and refine who we are as presales professionals are what separates leading sales engineers. With this foundation and practice of learning, a sales engineer can leverage these skills to impact their team, customer, organization and community. The mark of a world-class sales engineer is their ability to lead - without a title.

Thought Leadership

The content we publish draws insights from those outside & inside the community of sales engineering. This approach allows us to view ourselves & our role from different perspectives. Drawing insights from within & outside the sales engineering community allows us to grow in all aspects of being a top-tier sales engineer. It is important for us to understand how else to nurture our profession. Learning new approaches, techniques and practices is critical to keep the sales engineering profession at the forefront of innovation and impact.

Hacking Sales Engineering


Ideas spark our imagination. At The Sales Engineer POST we want to share ideas very much outside the community of sales engineers. These posts will be focused on new and innovative ideas with a point of view on how it benefits a Sales Engineer.


Apps rule the day! Although we hold that a lean approach to sales engineering (minimalism for Sales Engineers) is best - we also know that there are certain apps which could aid a Sales Engineer. Our focus will be to highlight and promote apps which we believe can add value to a Sales Engineer.


Sales Engineering continues to evolve and grow to meet today's market and technology requirements. However there are some practices which remain fundamental to the role. We want to dust them off to ensure they meet todays requirements. As well we know there are new practices which we Sales Engineers need to adopt. We want to bring them into our conversation to that the community of sales engineers continues to grow and adapt.

The Why

Outcome Focused

to Learn-Lead-Leverage

The role of a Sales Engineer continues to evolve. Whether you use the label of presales, sales engineer or value engineer - the role continues to adapt. Sales Engineers are the technology managers within a sales team. However managing technology is not the only skill required to be a top-tier Sales Engineer. They must also maintain a mindset that allows them to adapt to these changes by maintaining a posture of continuous learning. With learning comes the responsibility to lead – which is simply the practice of placing experience into action. And with leading comes the responsibility to leverage their experiences to enrich others.

Niche Audience

for Sales Engineers

Our content is focused exclusively for Sales Engineers. Our own personal experiences and tenure as Sales Engineers allows us to create and curate content for sales engineers. We believe that the role of a sales engineer is a rewarding & fulfilling career path. Being a sales engineer requires varied skills including communication, planning, time management, negotiation skills, industry specialization and last but not least the ability to understand and work with people. Our content is written to build skills into sales engineers.


the network

The Sales Engineers Network creates original content but our strength is curating content from the global sales engineering community. Our goal is to build a community of sales engineers who can share their knowledge with others. We want our corporate walls to be left at door. We can and should learn from each other. A diversity of content enables the sales engineering community to grow the practices of being a top-tier sales engineer. Diverse perspectives also means that we go outside our community and seek to learn from other thought leaders. We do this by asking the single question - “how would a sales engineer learn, lead and leverage from their perspective?”.