About POC Essentials

POC Essentials is your premier location for coaching, consulting and courses to guide and enable the management of world-class proof of concepts and evaluations.


Managing a PoC is abit like taking a challenging mountain hike. You need to be prepared and have a sense of where you are going to ensure your safe arrival.

That is why POC Essentials exists - to be your guide and help you navigate your evaluations and proof of concepts to a safe and successful arrival.

Whether you refer to an evaluation as a trial, proof of concept, proof of value or another term,  POC Essentials is your premier location for the best practices on managing world-class evaluations (proof of concepts).

Evaluations Matter!

Every sales engineer has felt the impact of a poorly managed evaluation and how it impacts winning a deal. I know from personal experience the risk & reward of executing a proof of concept to influence and wins deals.

When I first began my presales career, I managed evaluations poorly.  Those early experiences forced me to evaluate and change the way I both thought and managed evaluations. With focus, practice and guidance I improved. From those experiences POC Essentials was born.

At POC Essentials we view evaluations as a strategic sales practice.

Our Mission

Our mission for our customers is to enable their sales team (sales engineers & sales leaders) to orchestrate an evaluation so they win more!

An evaluation isn't just a thing you throw out to customers - it should be a strategic decision within the context of your sales strategy. And to be clear its not just about getting a technical win - its also about ensuring a sales win!

There are many reasons for having a low win-ratio. We help our customers to understand what part of their evaluation process requires improvement. Book a call with us to understand how we help sales teams improve their win-ratio.

The POC Essentials Framework

What is most often missing is a usable blueprint to guide sales teams towards successful evaluations. Learn about and leverage our framework.

Many teams believe a framework is constraining. However we find that teams with a defined framework succeed. In fact many teams tell us that they feel less at risk with a framework. POC Essentials uses a proven framework to guide your team with a winning mindset and world-class practices.

That is why we developed The POC Essentials Framework -- to help teams navigate with ease towards successful evaluations. Our framework can be used to augment an existing framework or used as the foundation to establish your team's framework.

The core of the The POC Essentials Framework is helping your team define and adopt the mindsets and practices of executing successful evaluations. Team find that a framework reduces the stress and risk associated with evaluations.

Our goal at POC Essentials is to help teams navigate evaluations with proven best practices by providing a set of markers to help ensure that they qualify, clarify, execute and close a world-class evaluation. The benefit of having a defined framework works! In fact when it was adopted by the global presales team in a Fortune 500 company it improved their evaluations by: 

  • increased the number of evaluations won
  • reduced the number of unqualified evaluations 
  • decreased the time & effort required to complete evaluations
  • instilled alignment and collaboration across the sales team on how best to manage evaluations
  • returned time back to the presales team for other revenue-generating activities.

Tested & Trusted

Designed and tested for sales engineers by a sales engineer!

POC Essentials is owned and managed by Tony Matos. Tony has a 35 year tenure in both IT and being a presales professional.

The principles and practices available from POC Essentials were designed in the trenches during Tony's roles with leading enterprise software providers including SAP, ORACLE, SAS and CITRIX. The framework has been field tested and validated to deliver results.

I know there are many ways to connect but I have found that a quick call has been the best way to determine how POC Essentials helps to drive more successful evaluations.

Click the button to book a call. I look forward to connecting with you.

POC Essentials is owned and operated by TGM Consulting Group Inc. Further inquiries can be made by contacting Tony Matos at 416-908-7971 or tony.matos@me.com.