Our Focus

At POC Essentials, we have two objectives. The first is the promotion of leading practices on how to execute a world-class Proof of Concept. And second is curating content to advance the art & science of being a world-class sales engineer (presales) professional. At POC Essentials, we want to enrich the presales/sales engineering global community by providing ready access to content, people and technology. We believe strongly in collaborating with other publications, platforms and networks to bring our professional community together.

Global Community

At POC Essentials, our goal is to contribute to the sales engineering and presales community by curating content, connecting people and collecting enabling technology.


Great content exists today and continues to be published by sales engineers for sales engineers on many platforms. At POC Essentials, we catalogue this content for easy access.


Great people are available today who enrich and educate the sales engineering community. At POC Essentials, we bring these people together in a single directory to know and interact with them.


Great technology continues to emerge for sales engineers. At POC Essentials, we provide a perspective on how sales engineers can leverage this technology. We also keep a directory of purpose-designed apps and tools for sales engineers.