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Increase Your Technical Win Rate

As a sales engineer Increasing your technical win rate is more than just being technically competent - it is also about understanding how decisions are made in large organizations.


I first came across Bryan G. Burns when a sales leader sent over one of Bryan’s videos as a way of venting over a series of changes. Bryan has a unique and vibrant approach to his videos and someone worth following.

I signed up for Bryan’s newsletter and received his eBook entitled “HOW AND WHY LARGE COMPANIES MAKE PRODUCT SELECTIONS”. This is a valuable read for any sales leader but an essential read for sales engineers. Understanding the mindset of how product selections are made, especially within large companies. This background helps a sales engineer understand how to further qualify their opportunities.

Byran calls out six myths that we fall into when dealing with large companies. As a sales engineer its important to be aware of these as you work with your sales team member. Knowing when these six myths are at play helps you and your sales team convey the value of your solution and ensure you win the product selection.

The Six Myths of How Companies Make Product Selections

  1. There is only one way for companies to make product selections
  2. There is a structured approach to making decisions; a large company will establish a selection committee and follow a formal process to solve a particular business problem
  3. Salespeople can just cold-call a CEO, set an appointment, and close a deal on the golf course
  4. The best product always wins
  5. They will always go with the safe choice
  6. Large companies will do a fair and open competition

World-class sales engineers who understand the mindset of how a customer purchases rise to the top of their profession.


As a sales engineer, you should be familiar with these six myths to increase your technical win-rate. Since sales engineers can fall easily into Myth #4, it is important to know how large companies make a product selection. For a sales engineer, this enables you to adjust your sales strategy and determine whether you have the ability to get the technical win.

You can find Bryan on Linkedin and B2B Revenue.



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