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Tony Matos

Chief Content Officer

I am creating a network for sales engineers by sales engineers so that together we nurture the practices of sales engineers to foster ongoing learning, understand how best to lead and leverage our skills to maintain a world-class standard of excellence.

About Me

For the past 25 years my career focus has been on being a sales engineer. This career path has granted me the privilege to work with great people, organizations and build a network of valued customers. Like other sales engineers I began as an individual contributor but now currently hold a sales engineering management role with a global enterprise software company. The Sales Engineer Network blog is my way of giving back to the sales engineering community by curating content. My content curation is focused on highlighting content from world-class thought leaders, the promotion of best practices which amplify the sales engineers impact to their organization, new ideas to stretch our traditional thinking and how to hack sales engineering with apps and process to aid us in our essential tasks.

Why You Should Join

Our goal at the Sales Engineer Network is to curate world-class content and sales engineers globally. We will provide exclusive content and conversations you can't find anywhere else. Meet people who share your interests, who live near you, across the world while managing the same issues we all face as sales engineers. From this content we want you to make better decisions about how to support your internal sales teams and your valued customers. And hopefully through the experiences of others, understanding which practices work, the spark of new idea or approach that you will continue to grow and nurture your sales engineering career.

A Big Thanks

Building this network doesn't occur with just one person. Thanks for all those who gave me the chance to start my sales engineering career. A special shout out to Steve Becker from BusinessObjects who take a chance on me. For Brian Baillod for taking the time to show what what a sales engineer is through his coaching and observing a master at work. For all the leading organizations I have been a part of and the many customers who allowed me to hone my career skills. And of course to all the thought leaders that I have and continue to learn from. As well as my valued network of sales engineering contributors to this publication.


Asking someone to join takes boldness - especially when this publication is new. But like any good sales engineer we need to ask for the sales - or in our case the technical sale. The benefits of asking is that you get to shape and contribute to what this publication aspires to be - a network of contributing sales engineers which is global in focus in experiences, best practices, ideas and leadership practices. Either by sharing the blog with your team members, asking questions, adding comments or submitting a post - together we can shape the premier location for sales engineers to connect and collaborate together.