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Podcast: Navigating Your Proof of Concept

Tony Matos, Director of Sales Engineering at Citrix, discusses his recently published book: The Essential Guide to Navigate your Proof of Concept.

I had a great conversation with Greg Howard from Presales Heroes. Take a moment to listen to episode #8: Navigating your PoC

Podcast Excerpt

This podcast covers some of the reasons why I wrote my recent book on Proof of Concepts (The Essential Guide to Navigate Your Proof of Concept). You will enjoy Greg’s pace and questions in this podcast to understand the background to my recent publication.

About Presales Heroes

Presales is one of the most strategic teams in a company, but often their stories don’t get told — how they impact revenue, grow and scale their teams, and help shape the company’s direction.

Presales Heroes is here to tell those stories. Covering both Presales/sales engineering leadership as well as key individual contributors, we find the most interesting people — and find out what makes them tick. We cover their Hero Origin Story (how they got into presales), and their strategies for giving themselves and their teams a voice.

Presales Heroes comes to you from Vivun, the world’s first platform for Presales. Find out more at www.vivun.com and follow us at https://twitter.com/vivun_inc

Other Resources

Check out our Publications page to access other resources on managing a world-class evaluations. This includes my book on evaluations entitled, “The Essential Guide to Navigate Your Proof of Concept” as well as the free ebook “The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Proof of Concepts“.



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