I had a great conversation with Ramzi Marjaba from WE THE SALES ENGINEERS. Take a moment to listen to episode #132: The Basics of a Proof of Concept.

Podcast Excerpt

If you’re a Sales Engineer, you’ve probably done your fair share of proof of concepts (PoC) throughout your career. Sometimes a customer requests them, but more often than you’d like to admit, you probably offered them to your customers because you wanted to show how your product meets whatever their need. But is the PoC really that necessary to “close the deal”? Or is there a better way to go around it and still be able to show the value of our solution to your customers’ problems without wasting the time and resources of everybody in the room?

Fortunately, we have someone on the podcast today enlightening us on this tricky activity. Tony Matos led the sales engineering team at CITRIX, Canada but has now retired to start a new initiative to promote best practices on evaluations. You can find his content and services at POC Essentials. He is also the author of the book, The Essential Guide to Navigate Your Proof of Concept.

He shares with us his mistakes as an SE early on in his career, how he moved up the ranks and became a presales leader, and how he believes that every SE can leverage a proof of concept to drive a sale, not just a technical win.

Other Resources

Check out our Publications page to access other resources on managing a world-class evaluations. This includes my book on evaluations entitled, “The Essential Guide to Navigate Your Proof of Concept” as well as the free ebook “The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Proof of Concepts“.


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