As presales professionals, we need to evaluate how we think and act towards a PoC. I refer to these as mindsets, which is a way of thinking about and taking action towards something.

There are six mindsets I lean into when determining if a PoC is the right strategy to win an opportunity.

  1. We only agree to conduct a PoC to win business – not undertake a research project
  2. A PoC is expensive – so invest wisely
  3. The principle of Quid Pro Quo – is an essential relationship principle
  4. A PoC is not the only way to win business – consider other sales strategies
  5. There are legitimate reasons not to conduct a PoC – there are many ways to win business
  6. Navigating a PoC requires specific practices and methodologies – know them to guide you towards a successful close

I will expand on each of these mindsets in subsequent posts but for now, take a moment to consider which of these mindsets you use to help you determine if a PoC is a right strategy to use in an opportunity.

Now there are more than six mindsets. But starting with these six is an excellent place to begin a conversation. If you have other mindsets that you use when evaluating your PoC strategy, then drop me an email at – I would love to hear your approach.


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