The first post is always the hardest! Will only one person read it or just me? Will this set the right tone to engage other sales engineers to come back? Those and other questions came to mind as I laboured over this post. Regardless of the answers to these questions, it takes the first post to get started and so here it is.

There are many thoughts I would like to share around this endeavour to launch POC Essentials, but I promise to keep it brief.

Our Objective

At POC Essentials, we have two objectives. The first is the promotion of leading practices on how to execute a world-class Proof of Concept. And second is curating content to advance the art & science of being a world-class sales engineer (presales) professional.

Our Mission

At POC Essentials our mission is to:

“curate leading presales (sales engineering) best practices”

A world-class sales engineer is one who consistently wants to learn. This constant need to define and refine who we are as presales professionals are what separates leading sales engineers. With this foundation and practice of learning, a sales engineer can leverage these skills to impact their team, customer, organization and community. The mark of a world-class sales engineer is their ability to lead – without a title.

Contribute to the Community

At POC Essentials our goal is to contribute to the sales engineering and presales community by curating content, connecting people and collecting enabling technology.


Great content exists today and continues to be published by sales engineers for sales engineers on many platforms. At POC Essentials, we catalogue this content for easy access.


Great people are available today who enrich and educate the sales engineering community. At POC Essentials, we bring these people together in a single directory so you can know and interact with them.


Great technology continues to emerge for sales engineers. At POC Essentials, we provide a perspective on how this technology can be leveraged by sales engineers. We also keep a directory of purpose-designed apps and tools for sales engineers.

Join POC Essentials

Become part of the POC Essentials community and get access to our content and resources. Scan the QR code become to subscribe to POC Essentials.

POC Essentials

Connect and Contribute

If you have other ideas and want to contribute drop us an email at


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