The role of a sales engineer is ever the same, to acquire the technical win, but how that is achieved continues to change. Whether you are contemplating a sales engineering career path, or have been on this career path for a while, this article provides answers to some common questions on the sales engineer (presales) role.

What You Will Learn

In this article, the terms “presales” is used in place of sales engineer. Understanding the role of your presales team members and the value they bring to your team is essential. Without understanding the role and impact you diminish the possible impact on your sales team and your ability to close opportunities.

The companies that understand the value of presales and respond accordingly will be the ones that take—and hold—the lead. 


The Background

There have been experiments in some organizations to reduce the size of the sales engineering team both in role and numbers. Those experiments have resulted in failure. Although a sales executive could make a case to their leadership that they have a lower cost-ratio – this is a short-sighted perspective. In fact, we suggest that if you work in an organization where the role of Presales is not valued that you find another organization to work for. Without an effective sales engineering team, your sales organization will not be able to close opportunities effectively.

The Presales (Sales Engineer) Role Overview

In the same way that a sales engineer could not complete an opportunity without their sales rep (account manager) – nor can a sales rep win an opportunity without a sales engineer. This essential relationship is one where both the sales rep & sales engineer are required in order to manage an opportunity to a close.

In this article the following questions & issues are covered:

  • what are the updated/new titles being used in place of “sales engineer” today
  • definition of what is the “Presales” role is (aka – the sales engineer)
  • addresses common questions about the sales engineer (Presales) role
  • how many sales engineers should you have?
  • what is next for the Presales role?

Inspired By

You can read the full article by clicking here.

This article was inspired by a well-articulated post from Vivun regarding the value and role of presales and sales engineering professionals.

If you are not aware of Vivun and how they are enabling the presales community please take a moment to review their offerings.